Miracle In The Andes -Book Review

Just finished watching Alive for like the third time.  Obviously such an awesome story.  Anyways, here is a book that I read a few years back that covers the same account, however it is written by Nando himself.  I felt I already well knew the story so I figured it threatened to be overkill…but no way.  His account is by far my favorite, and was 100% gripping since it takes you inside his thoughts rather than just the playing out of events.  So worth reading even if you know the story to….err….death.  

Oh, and also, it shares details that the movie didn’t cover.  For example did you know that these guys played their next rugby match just days after returning home?  Yeah.  They got annihilated. 


*By the way.  At the end of the book Nando includes his email address.  I wrote him after I was finished to thank him for sharing his story, and we ended up writing back and forth a little bit.  Was very cool to see Nando in my inbox. 

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