My Left Foot

Is it just me or do you too have one foot that is courageous, and the other that is a total coward?  I was just reminded this morning the pecking order that resides below my knees, when I accidently dropped a bowl, and like always, the left fled like a scared little girl, while my right sat their stoically bracing for impact. 

And of course right foot never does get hit, but he’s willing to hang in there, and I think I respect that.  Even if it isn’t so smart. 

What I don’t respect is left foot that never stands by right foot’s side.  Even if the falling object has no chance of hitting left foot and is zero-ing straight down on right foot, left foot bails.  Time and time again. 

What can I say?  I’m disappointed in you left foot.  As is right foot.


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