My theory on the name “google”

I will start by stating that I had this theory come to me some time ago. I would say 1 month or so, maybe more and that I have NEVER heard of it before publishing it here.

Sitting in my office looking at the Economist I saw the name. They had an article on Google and after some thought association I came up with the crazy idea that the name “Google” was the concatenation of two other words…..obvious, maybe, but I thought it was a valid one and definately worth publishing.

Since it is a search engine it made sense to me when the words “go” and “ogle” came together. Since english is not my first language I had never even heard of that word until I watched “Stranger than Fiction”. Looked the word up on the computer and did not think much about it until I stared at the magazine cover. BINGO! Could this be….Go Ogle?

Made sense to me.

Now after I saw a video on a professor at Stanford explaining how the name was created or found I am not so sure if either one of us knows exactly how it was created.

The guy says that it was created 2 offices down from his and I am looking at the cover of this magazine, clearly both words are spelled out and making sense, at least to me….who do I believe? Him or my eyes?

If you know exactly how this happend, please comment, i would very much like to get to the bottom of this one

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