!No Es Racisto!

Couldn’t swivel that first little exclamation mark upside down…

Anyways, as you may have heard or not, Spain’s basketball team has gotten themselves into quite a bit of hot water over this “slant-eyed” picture that they insist was not a racial jab, but a funny joke.

Now hold on….let me catch my breath.

Ok… Sure, of course some countries are freaking out. And of course us American’s are probably abhorred because we are raised to be over sensitive to everything (i.e. Robert Downey Jr/Ben Stiller’s comedy Tropic Thunder is causing boycotts cause they overly make fun of retards….er, retarded people or something. I actually can’t wait to see this movie.) But before our jaws bounce off our feet, let us not forget our own roots. Go back a generation or so and we have white actors in obnoxious “black face” to represent Negroes. That ain’t too nice either.

Anyways, people are freaking out and calling the Spanish horrible racists, and what not. But in my opinion, people need to relax. There is no universal standard as to what is appropriate and what is offensive. At least not yet. So this photo speaks less to overt racism and more towards insensitivity…or at least being insensitive to other countries sensitivities.

But in an effort to support Spain’s insistence that this was indeed a joke instead of some malicious act, I think that the public should have access to the additional team photo that wasn’t released to see that they were in fact only kidding.

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten my hands on the photo yet, but apparently it shows the team going pee-pee into cans of Coke.

I do believe that should clear things up.


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