Not An Afterthought

I haven’t been writing lately which is why I didn’t acknowledge a historic, momentous event.

TW had his little jackel last Wednesday, August 20th. A healthy 10+ pound baby boy!

On behalf of Earclops, we welcome and salute our newest and youngest member…DW.

Congrats to the TW family!


* I’d include the baby photo, but TW has bidding wars from People and US magazine in the 2 million dollar range. While Earclops is expanding faster that we can keep track of, we don’t have the funds yet to compete with that. Nor do I question TW for his loyalty to this site. He would bleed for it, I’m sure. But he is a family man. He has his wife LW, and his two sons BW and DW to look out for. Two million will definitely come in handy.

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