Obama/Hillary Pre-’Post’ Party

I will write a follow up post after everything has been decided and when I can largely let myself decompress from all the crap that had been built up due to Hillary’s campaigning, but….

In the meantime, a few things I want to vent on/write about.

1) Hillary appears….APPEARS to be headed towards bowing out of the race this evening. I say APPEARS because I can’t trust this woman to do the right thing as much as I can’t trust that both hands could ever wrap around one of her cankles. (Shit, you see? Look how unhealthy this race has made Barcaboo). But she has alluded to the fact that she might argue her case (the Michigan and Florida decision) to the committee come August. Dragging this……..damn, I’m stopping there. I can’t get tied up in this again. So I will chime in I’m sure once this is all over.

But one thing looms in my mind…

2) Hillary as Vice President.

Now I think that there is no way in hell that Barack will choose her. None of the main political ‘experts’ think he will, but presently there is a lot of division in the democratic party due largely to the nature of the negative campaigning going on on her end. Seen for example in all the “McCain ‘08″ chants that were breaking out among Hillary supports at the delegate hearings……ooooh, stop BN, stop.

But what concerns me….well many things concern me….but this is a potential few steps down the road concern.

What if Hillary is chosen as VP because it turns out to be the only way to unify the party to ensure Obama beats McCain. Meaning that Hillary angles it that way. Doesn’t fully embrace Obama keeping her supporters disgruntled, which makes the only way for party unification to come with her name on the ticket. What then?

Well this is my point. Back to this bullshit…What if Barack gets assassinated? Yuck. I know. But hell, everyone is alluding to that possibility publicly now. Even Hillary alluded to RFK’s assassination as a reason why she has been hanging in the race so long. Which as you may have heard, caused a temporary storm of controversy. I gave her the benefit of the doubt in that she didn’t mean to allude to Barack meeting a similar fate, but it was f-in stupid beyond measure.

Anyways, what if she is VP and he gets killed. This is callous, I know. But, la la la. Who takes over?

Hillary Clinton. And damn, I could not, and a ridiculous amount of others, could not stomach that.

And that of course would be following all the turmoil of something so much worse, disgusting, and traumatizing. But if the picking up the pieces with this self serving tactless person in charge….well damn…. I would question, fairly or unfairly, how miserable she would be. If I saw a glint of anything in her eye, I know I would throw my shoe through the TV.

Ok… Later. Hopefully this point will be moot. I pray.


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