Well Here We Go…

Four redneck pieces of shit were arrested in Denver last night with plots to assassinate Obama. The redneck pieces of shit were loaded with ammo, scopes, bullet proof vests, and had separated to decrease the chances of all of them getting caught.

But they were caught. Believe it or not they were not all that smart. Shocking, huh?

One guy actually jumped out of a five story building to avoid arrest, landed on an awning (this dude watches a ton of TV…shocking again) and bounced off, breaking his ankle.

Man, I had relaxed some since my days of ruminating on this shit, but here we go. This is the shit we are dealing with. Dumb ass stupid mother fuckers.

But what if, the next batch of ‘goodies’ aren’t all that dumb? That’s what scares me even more.

Barack speaks this Thursday in an outside venue. If these four hadn’t been caught, then we can only speculate as to what might have happened.


Those are my thoughts for now.  But I have to say, it looks like I wasn’t all that paranoid and overdoing/voicing my concern.  Not pleased…


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