Oops She Did It Again (Follow Up)

One final thing on this.

I previously went on about the paparazzi and all their shenanigans…which prompted the question as to why they are allowed to harass the way that they do.

In browsing the Internet this morning for the news, I saw an article that Jeremy Piven from Entourage was courting Dita Von Teese. I had no idea who she is, but in looking, turns out she is Marilyn Manson’s ex-wife and pin-up nude model. Very sexy by the way.

But, one of the pictures I saw by Google Image, was of a shot of her (this camera angle now is standard I guess -perhaps it is done by a midget….shit….little person) but it’s a shot of her stepping out of a car as it captures the view up her skirt (sans underwear).

Which spurs the question…now, how is THIS allowed? Right? Chasing down, stalking, and screaming is one thing, but what about cramming a camera up a celebrities’ skirt?

That’s okay? Okey-doke. Just asking.

But let me pose the question… How is this not an invasion of privacy? How is this not voyeurism to whatever degree? How is this not harassment? How are the people who publish these photos not reprimanded severely? Cause it’s not like she posed for the photo.

And aren’t regular Joe’s arrested or cited or whatnot for peeping on women? Or, I think I read one time, or saw something on some bullshit program about a guy being arrested for having a mirror on his foot as he slid it below girls’ legs in a shopping mall to get a quick thrill. He gets busted, but what he’s doing is far less invasive. At least he’s not sharing his view to millions on the net. But bust that pervert, right.

It’s so weird. And putting aside all decency for a second, since it already has been put aside -much like these girls’ panties, but these shots aren’t even sexy, are they? Everything’s all mashed and unattractive… Us guys like to see those things all dolled up, not looking all sweaty and beaten down…

That part of a woman is sexy obviously, BUT come to think of it, they are a tricky thing. Without the proper arousel and display it can take a powerfully sexy thing and reduce it to an “ugghhh” under the right, rather wrong, circumstances.

Even porn can be a bit jarring when you are not in the mood. Seeing a fully dilated tonsil display through the POV of a woman’s legs without proper warm up has a similar effect. Too much too soon. And arguably too much. If not, then you are looking at porn way too much my friend.

But at least with porn you get the sense that everything is relatively clean and sterile. (That sounds ridiculous even writing that), but it still seems like sex gone crazy.

But these up-skirt shots… You can almost see the bits of toilet paper. ..ehhh… And God forbid…oh shit, am I going to write this? Yep….a string.

Again that lustful part of a woman has an effect like no other. A hypnotizing vortex, however there is a timing to revealing them (clothes being removed…after a bit of breast play, etc). Not stepping out of a sweaty cab all mushed up and twisted at 2:00 in the morning. We don’t need to see that. We don’t need to see the little man step out from behind the green curtain of Oz with a wad of T.P. stuck to his shoe. We need to maintain its power and mystery.

I diverted. This obviously ain’t about us jackals. I’m just sayin’. Who are these shots for? It’s bad for us guys to see as well. Don’t kill the magic.

Case and point. A few years ago, who didn’t want to see Britney naked? And when we did, in this fashion, (ignoring completely how degrading this pics were taken) it was kind of gross.

Anyways, as I was saying, these shots aren’t really serving anyone (except maybe mirror-on-shoe guy) but the individual’s shame, embarrassment, and humiliation.

But again. Let’s protect the paparazzi. All hail these hard-working, hard-news reporters. You’re doing a wonderful job.

…You little bitches.


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