Overall health

Last couple of months I have been keeping track on how I have been feeling.

Fatigue, poor performance in my races, easily distracted, etc, etc….

Now I know I am getting older and that things will never be the same way they were when I was 18. In the last couple months I have actually started to notice that MY body has started to feel a little bit the signs of aging.

So I went to the doctor and started to monitor my blood and have found out that I have a very low count of white blood cells. In 2006 I crashed my bike and was in the hospital. I compared values from that time to the ones 2 months ago and they are within 1%.

Friday I am going in again to get it checked out. Hopefully I am back to normal levels, but I doubt it. I know my body and I know there is something wrong.

On the flip side, I might actually be hoping for something to be wrong, so that I have an excuse for what is going on. I am not quite sure how to deal with the situation. I KNOW I need rest, the season has pushed me all year, BUT I did not do well the WHOLE year, so how can I be so tired and run down if I did not even have a couple of great races?

The answer might be in the white blood cells. My Vitamin B levels were also very low. BTW, normal levels for neutrophils i think is 1500-8000 and I am barely cracking 1000. I am also at the lower accepted levels for vitamin B.

I am hoping that after this weekend I will be able to concentrate on my rest. I need to take a break from the hard efforts and keep my heart rate in check so that I hopefully can build up my body up again.

This weekend I have Masters Rowing Nationals and I will have to push it 8 more times for 3-4 minutes. After that no more, not until October.

Anyway, this has been just a unstructured post. No real planning on my part, not like BN posts…. ;-)


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