Paul Newman (1925 - 2008)

Well it was bound to happen, damn it.  Paul Newman died this morning due to cancer and something to do with no longer being young.

I’ve mentioned it indirectly before, but BN has a list of guys who are his guys.  I haven’t sat down to figure out exactly who’s on it and who’s not, but the number hovers around ten.  Needless to say, Newman comfortably made the cut.  Why you may ask?

I’ll quickly break it down:

1) His refusal to be self obsessed.  This dude was clearly drooled over by generations of women and in addition was clearly a man’s man.  However he avoided all attempts to be sucked into that unhealthy idol worshiper crap and somehow remained grounded.  I was always looking for a good biography or autobiography on this guy and was never able to find shit.  I finally read somewhere that he refused to give the rights to have a book done saying something like, “who the hell am I?  I’m just an actor”.

2) His relationship w/ his wife of 50+ years.  Ok.  This could be a bit of a ‘controversial’ stance or whatever, but he left his first wife for the love of his life.  There certainly is the opinion out there that if one were to marry that they should stay married and work through whatever struggles they have.  I agree w/ working through hell and high water if needed, but to me doing do so only if it is the love of your life.  To me life is too short and this is our only go-around.  If you are blessed enough to find that real love (and of course this is promised to none of us) then you should take it.  It’s too rare.  If you don’t and just honor your obligations, then you are not only wasting and down grading your own time, but also the woman or partner that loves you dearly.  Real love I feel lasts a lifetime and should not be squandered.  Newman found his and stuck w/ her throughout.  Asked in a rare interview why he never strayed from his current wife.  His answer was “why go for hamburger when you got steak at home”.  The steak is the real deal.  When you got another hamburger at home it probably makes it a little more difficult.

3) His charity work.  He has set up several foundations for charity, but the biggest and most profitable has been his Newman salad products, popcorn, etc.  And 100% of all profits go to charity (somewhere around $175 million thus far).  That ain’t too bad.

4) In addition to the three above reasons why I dug this guy, the fourth is superficial and in a way not superficial at all.   He was the epitome of cool.

So another one of my guys is gone but he lives on.  Thanks for the inspiration good man.


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