Praying to the Gods of Whether…

Whether or not you are going to make it snow sufficiently this winter. I’m looking out the window at yet another sunny day, which is great and all, but I am starting to get a little nervous. Last ski season was laughable…and well, actually downright painful. I got the scars.

Whether or not the rest of the teams in the Pac 10 will take Cal’s lead and totally and completely choke, so instead of one, we will be sending five teams (Cal included) to the Rose Bowl this year. Try stopping FIVE teams mother fuckers!

An aside -Thanks again Cal for creatively finding yet another way to kill me again this year. Much appreciated. Although to be honest, I was totally uncomfortable having you actually win. And a #2 ranking was near unbearable. UnBEARable? Yeah…stupid, obvious, a lame pun, accurate, and shut up, I could have easily deleted it.

Whether or not I will be the last of my friends to marry. Some of the front runners, obvious front runners, to take that honor, shockingly have been married within this past year, with another to be married later this year. Which means, if my calculations are right, we are down to about three of us ‘young’ lads to have averted the all mighty “I do”. I got to the “Will you…”, which is commendable, but “Will you” followed much later by “mind waiting a long, long time while we date other people so we can see maybe later when I’m a bit older and a bit more mature before we re-entertain the “I do”". Which was followed by “alligator” immediately after the “see you later”. So it’s down to me and three others. Who is going to take the prize?

Whether or not Hillary Clinton will be our first female president…. Eh, who cares? Just keep them Republicans out. It’s all I pray for….Gods of Whether.


-P.S. I am going for a large aerial 360 this winter. Just calling my shot. I will post the picture of it later, along with my body cast.

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