Pregnant Bristol

Gosh BN, I really wish you had written something about this whole thing…

I really can’t write much, I got a limp wrist, so….

I am sure everyone has heard the rumors about Sarah Palin’s newborn sun actually being Bristol’. After that rumor flew through the blogs, Sarah came out and said that Bristol is pregnant herself, so she could not have had a kid. Now, Lets put the “JH Earclops brutal reality cap”…. what is going to happen to this girl? She is going to have the baby and marry the father - some hockey jock in Alaska. I am tempted to write this, so I will. I think “something” will happen to the pregnancy. I will leave it at that.

Now as far as the reaction of the pregnancy for the McÇain campaign: no matter what everyone says, McCain WILL SUFFER FROM THIS NEWS. People judge and that is the world we live in.

My wrist hurts… feel free to comment.. I will write more later

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