Ray Lamontagne’s “Empty”

A great song.  It’s actually really easy to play on guitar (I just found out), and is one of those that sounds really good immediately.  Anyways, it got me thinking.  When I had previously mentioned this guy, I had said that a friend of mine said that it sounded depressing.  More specifically she said she wanted to put a gun to her head.  You know, a “thanks for the recommendation”. 

To me though, it is the opposite.  Well not polar from that, but the music binds and connects more than anything.   And that is what set off a lightbulb this morning, because it triggered the memories of having very similar conversations with a few people on different occasaions regarding the music of Jeff Buckley.  Instead of being mesmerized by it, as I was completely, they thought it sounded like the musical accompanyment for a funeral dirge, and did-not-like-it-at-all. 

So this is what I’m thinking…  The ‘artsy’ and the walking-wounded (in many cases, the same folk) seem to gravitate towards and are very much affected by the types of music like Buckley and Lamontagne.  Like these artists give off some sound that permeates and vibrates the holes in the over-sensitive population.  Have them all humming or vibrating to the same sound.  “Hoooooooooooooooooooooott”, as the wind passes through.

And what I think that this may do, is that it in some way binds and connects these fellas to the lowly and hard to reach places of melancholy that tends to be one of isolation for the individual.  Perhaps these types of tunes are the few things that find their way down to lower depths (not saying depths are any great thing) and provides some community or company in these barren places. 

I don’t know.  I think there’s something to it, which is why I’m mentioning it.  I know for me personally, that there is something entirely different brought out from this type of music as was the case when I first heard Jeff Buckley.  It was hypnotic and also brought some strange sense of ”I’m not alone!”. 

Anyways, its a started and not completed thought.  


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