Real World Cancun

 *Preface this by saying I’m 34 and technically I “shouldn’t” be watching these shows, but I do so kiss it. 

 What a collosal disappointment this season is going to be.  This is the worst freaking cast I have ever seen.  Everyone is fucking ridiculous.  The girls are far from girl looking…and come to think of it, the “hot chick” (had to be told which one that was) who is Obama-black, strangely looks like one of the Wayan brothers in drag in White Chicks. 

-The one on the left


Seriously, look out for this girl.  Based on this picture you’ll know who I’m talking about. 

Listen, I know what I’m getting into with the Real World.  At this point there are no suprises, but every single one of these people are either total dipshits, or are invisible, and will remain that way.  I don’t know.  This is one of my shows, but I can’t see this improving at all.  Very sad.  


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