R.I.P. Bodhisattva

Very sad to hear this evening.  He seemed like a pretty remarkable guy.  I actually (use that word too much) saw him in Los Angeles eight or so years ago when I was driving with a girlfriend to some evening show or something, and out of nowhere he ran accross the street in front of my car.  Hell, that reminds me…I actually nearly got clipped by Gary Bussey another time while driving in L.A.  He was in a convertible with one arm hanging onto the side of his car as he nearly ran into me bearing his mouthful of teeth.  Pretty funny.  Either I have luck seeing these guys, or perhaps I need to get my eyes checked.

But back to Patrick.  He seemed like a real quality guy.  Sucks when bad things happen to good people.  Regardless he appeared to deal with tremendous adversity with tremendous courage, strength, and love.  And bless his wife too, man.  She seems to be pretty incredible.


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