Roman Polanski

Read the article you sent TW.  Here it is for the rest of you:

Pretty heavy stuff.  Forced oral, vaginal, AND anal on a 13-year-old girl and this fucker STILL has people supporting him? 

Oh, this crazy world in which we live.

But to be fair, it is true.  This man does make movies and I guess that is what makes him exempt to a percentage of you, right?  A genius he must be.  And genius’ (geniusus? geniei?) …clearly I am not included in this group (due to poor spelling and my lack of desire to rape children)… are known to be eccentric.  So his destruction of a young girl’s life and (supposed to be) privates must be a byproduct of this gift.  His personalized and customized eccentricity.  Of course then the rest of us unenlightened ones should forgive and support.  He’s an artist.  And art must be defended.  I mean he clearly can’t just be some sicko.  (

And I love his defense.  Maybe adult/child romances were hip in the 70’s, but in his words he stated it was “consensual”.  Yeah, I guess I can get behind that.  13 year olds do L-O-V-E to be violated in every way possible.  They do.  Espeically after being fed qualudes and booze by a creepy adult.  It’s totally normal and age appropriate.  And what turns them on even more, mind you, is when they run home to a parent the next day to confess the horror and shame of the amorous act through tears.  They totally get off on that.   Consensual?  Absolutely.

And to add to the ludicrousness of this story, was Anjelica Huston’s testimony at the time (according to this article),  stating that the victimized girl looked of age and not like some scared little girl.  Way to take the appropriate side.    Score another one for Tinsel Town.

But have no fear Polanski.  Sure you are getting heat over this all over again.  Poor you.  But rest assured the droves in Hollywood will most likely find a way to spring your ass out of holding by further throwing their support your way while continuing to discredit the victim in this all over again.  

And hell…with fellow no-jail-time-Oscar-sharing-incestuous-pedophile Woody Allen throwing his support your way, you may as well start packing your bags.


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