Saint Edwards

I just heard that John Edwards is in fact the father of the child that both camps vehemently denied months back when the ‘cheating’ story broke.  Man, this just gets worse and worse.  HOW?  At the very least this immoral champion of homeless rights would wear protection, right?  What??? 

How flawed can some people be?  It’s amazing.  Wife dying of cancer.  You sleeping with this slut that was also banging somebody else on your staff.  AND you don’t wear protection.  (Clearly he got over the AIDS talks in high school as well.)

And if all this weren’t bad enough, apparently there is a John Edwards sex tape (not kidding) and a video where he mentions marrying her after his wife dies.  Still not kidding.  I’m hoping these last two are proved to be unfounded.  If not, then JH you may need to break out your other biking glove and give him your salute.

Pucker up Johnny and kiss your career goodbye. 

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