Top 10 Off The Beaten Path Hollywood Women BN Wants To Get Naked With

It’s on my mind now. I’ve stretched 7 out to 10. Here is my updated version.

BN’s Official Top 10


Francis McDormant

She looks really hideous in this list now, but I wont turn my back on you love.


Evangeline Lilly.

Yeah, she still fits in nicely here. I just want give her little butt a smooch in this picture.


Rhona Mitra

Go ahead.  Drop her on her head and she still looks ridiculously hot. Personality seems to be non-existent so I have to keep her no lower than #8.


Shannon Sossaman.

This bitch is causing me temporary dyslexia seen in me trying to read her arm band. I’m assuming the right sleeve says, if the dyslexia holds, ‘em’. Which in that case, I’m on my way sweet darling. She’s pretty sultry.


Julia Roberts.

She reminds me and looks a whole lot like an ex of mine. In this photo nearly identical. Alas the soft spot. It’s nice to have a soft spot.


Kim Kardashian.

Jesus Christ. Just look at that thing. She is one sexy beast. And as it turns out, I have started watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Believe it or not their family is actually a decent family. Kim seems like a genuinely good person. Not all that stupid. She’s comfortably safe at #5.


I love Veronica Corningstone. AKA Christina Applegate.

My pre-pubescent to very much pubescent body LOVED this woman on Married With Children. And it turns out she wasn’t/isn’t just a corpus spongiosum engorger. She is intelligent and a good comedic actress. I appreciate this woman.

# 3

Phoebe Cates.

Yeah. Keeping her here.


Roselyn Sanchez.

A more recognizable photo of her. I have nothing to say. She’s too good looking for words.


Famke Janssen

Kind of feeling #2 right now which goes to show that I might have trouble with fidelity in regards to my top ten. Oh, well. Keeping Famke as my #1. Something about her personality to go with her looks. That’s it for tonight. Have a good weekend. I’m actually heading out for the first time in months to the city for some drinks. Perhaps I will run into a top #10 resembler.

Most likely #10. Oh well.


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