Southwest Airlines fiasco

I have now, for 3 days have been trying to buy a fucking ticket from Southwest Airlines.

The website does not let me complete the transaction so I called customer service this morning and I tell them that there is something wrong with the site, they say no, everything is OK. The person quoted me a ticket for $199. Online it was $191. I am not going to bitch and moan because of 8 dollars, but since I have been trying to buy this ticket, the fair has gone up $60 bucks!!!!!

Tonight I called again and same deal. Same price, same story, same problem. Called a third time 10 minutes later… they tell me that yes, there is a problem and that everything will be working in 10 minutes.. guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taken 1 minute ago.

Now these assholes tell me that I cannot get the WEB special when I call in… well guess what motherfuckers, neither can I….

I am boiling right now. I wish I could have a face to face talk and walk them through the fucking steps so that they can see it themselves… bunch of douche bags…

BN, we need to talk….


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