Space Shuttle


Space shuttle…  Is it me or do those two words together sound oddly outdated or something?  I’ve never stopped to think about it before, and in writting them I figured I must have had it wrong.   But alas, space shuttle it is.  Anyways this is what was fed over the AP Wire this morning:

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. — Saturday’s launching of the space shuttle Endeavour was called off because of a hydrogen leak similar to one that delayed a space shuttle launching in March.

Similar to the one in March?  Speaking of odd, doesn’t it seem like these crafts routinely have a whole host of problems?  I am certainly not kept abreast of shuttle launches, but they don’t seem to happen all that frequently.  So what is up with all the dysfunction?  Certainly they must have no shortage of well trained eyes on them ensuring they are perfectly in tune.  It’s not like they are zooming in and out on a daily basis like a Southwestern flight.  Yet seemingly right before every take off, something goes fucking nuts.

And yes, I get that there needs to be extra attention paid to these crafts, since not only are they tied to a rocket, but they also have to rip through space (I guess space shuttle is still appropriate enough).  However it still seems like something is always going awry at the last minute.  Imagine being the astronauts, for fuck’s sake.

“Hold on.  Hold the launch.  …We forgot to attach the rocket”.

It’s always major shit like that.  Well not that major, but I’m not referring to ‘little’ things like lights on a panel sluggishly responding.  Or an instrument reading a fraction of a decimal point off.  Not those type of preventive measures.  I’m referring to things like the shuttle just breaking up upon launch.  You know, those foam chunks that are seemingly always falling off like they are made of shaving cream,  yet they nearly punch holes in the shuttle.   Newscasters going, “whoa, that was a close one!”.  I mean, what the fuck? 

I don’t know.  It has to be a tricky business, but you’d figure that holes, and O-rings, cracks, and shit falling off the shuttle would be the least expected problems.  I mean, it’s not like they are slinging a sloppy paper mache craft up into the sky. 

I don’t get it.  We have some of the brightest minds on the planet working on these things day and night.  Funded by the deepest wells of funds, yet….

“Houston….we have a problem”.


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