Straight Backlash

You know I’ve pretty much had it with the inundation of gay-ness in pop culture.  I for one feel I am ingrained with a sense of equality and parity, but it seems that gay culture has not only made its way into the mainstream (which is good) but now unfortunately (in my opinion) has gone way, way too far in the other direction.  Backwardly, a small part of me sort of finds myself waiting for a bully resurrection to even things out a bit, which basically leads me to my point.

First off though, this is what started this train of thought.  Read an article this morning that Ryan Murphy, the creator of Gleeeee, ripped on David Grohl of Foo Fighters for not being on his…well…gay show.  Apparently this is the typical queen behavior this guy does.  Publicly calls out musicians when they refuse to prance around on his little singing sitcom.  Here’s the link:

Have you even seen this show?  I tried once out of curiosity (hey now) but just couldn’t make it past a few minutes.  Was painful.  Anyways, good for Grohl for not only refusing to be on the bewildering juggernaut, but also for calling this little bitch what he is, a ‘bitch’.

I get that gay culture has been wrongly closeted and repressed for so long, so it’s not too hard to see that there would be an imbalanced expression of freedom and all in the arts, but holy shit man.  Isn’t it time to tighten the hatches a bit?  Gay…great.  Gaaaaaay.  Not so much.  Being ‘wonderful’ and uber-gay has no place.  Why?  Because us heteros don’t get that either.  Part of entering a social contract, whether you like it or not, is by learning how not to be an intolerable asshole so you don’t get stuffed in a garbage can.  Right or wrong, that is how it is.  It’s a great thing that gays are now being openly ingrained into our culture, but shit man, no hall pass for ridiculous behavior.  And if there is a backlash to that behavior, don’t look at it as bigotry.  Arguably, look at it as acceptance.


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