Strokes, Cocaine Binges, & SSRI’s. Good Morning.

Don’t know if you saw the video clip of the reporter Serene Branson having a stroke-like episode on air, but honestly, I couldn’t really watch it.  That shit is one of my most unsettling fears.  Speaking, and then neurologically coming undone and being unable to talk.  I fear a lot of weird shit like that; the loss of total physical control.  Completely feel for that girl, and God knows what her prognosis will be.  Can’t be too good.

Anyways, after flipping off the video with a shudder, I headed to the kitchen to whip up some post-Valentine’s evening eggs to refuel from the night’s activities, and clicked on the DVR’d ESPN’s 30 for 30 to see the Len Bias story.  I actually confused Len Bias’ story with Hank Gathers.  Hang died from I believe cardiac arrest due to an abnormally large heart, while Len died from a heart attack due to a cocaine overdose.  I actually saw Hank Gathers play with probably a few of you at St. Mary’s College a decade or so back and at the time knew nothing of the guy except that he was supposed to be a phenomenon.  Fifteen or so minutes into the game, nothing about him really stood out until he basically removed himself from the court, soared above all the other players and nearly ripped the fucking backboard from it’s foundation.  I think I was more stunned than fired up.  That dunk in particular destroyed any illusions I had that I might have higher-level athletic potential.  I basically wet my pants and looked for mommy.  Game over.

Anyways, as stated Len Bias died from cocaine use.  And this my friends, is where my little brain begins to weave, grow curious, and concoct possible connections where they may or may not exist.

First off, many of you know about my SSRI debacle in 2003.  An experiment gone horribly wrong to address my hyper-aroused nervous system.  As can happen with anybody with any drug, things can go wrong.  Bias nodded out due to coke, while others in the room were fine.  My body had a severe paradoxical reaction to the briefly tried prescription drug while the rest of the 60% of the nation took the drug without adverse effect like it was birth control*.

*Did anyone else get any sleep last night?

Anyways, when I went through that extended nightmare and debilitation I had heard rumors of people having stroke-like symptoms at SDSU where I did my grad school work.  It’s been too long to remember the exact conversation, but I believe when I had to take the semester off to fucking curse my situation, the woman in charge I was speaking with raised an eyebrow and mentioned that they (SDSU) had several students who had came down with/experienced stroke like episodes due (in her words) to the same SSRI that fucked my own ass.  An example of countless many in time that I heard, realizing I was not alone in the guinea pig experiment of so many things that can go wrong, have gone wrong, and will continue to go wrong with these ‘medications’ in otherwise healthy people.  Nervous systems aren’t to be fucked with if you want my opinion.

SSRI’s are stimulants, and regardless of what kind of efficacy they can have, there exists the unknown and known damage in what they can and do do.  So tying this all together, I wouldn’t guess that this is what may be going on with that reporter, I wouldn’t guess that at all, but it got me thinking.  Cocaine is obviously a stimulant and obviously, as seen in the Len Bias death, can cause seizure, stroke, and cardiac arrest.  I looked up on to see if that is the case.  And to come as a shock to nobody, of course that is a possible buzz-kill to the party.  I then looked up ‘SSRI and stroke’ and saw that a year and a half ago, SSRI’s were and are now forced to disclose that stroke and death are the “new” warnings/side-effects for these drugs, most notably in post-menopausal women.  However, where these things tend to hit one demographic, over time they usually end up including all the rest with each wave of new lawsuits.  I.E. suicidal ideation, etc.  Shit takes time to win in court and is fought tooth and nail by the companies in an obvious self serving way not to lose a shit ton of money.

Alright stopping there.  It’s a fucking blog.


-By the way… The toxicology report for Andy Irons was delayed until May I believe.  His wife feared financial repercussions due to the drug link and the courts allowed the release to be delayed six months.  Don’t care?  Ok.  Fine.

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