Ted Williams

What ever became of this guy?

Six months back he was discovered on the side of a highway on-ramp scrounging for loose change.  And what now?  My guess is that he is near homeless again.  Is it any surprise?  The whole media thing surrounding it was ridiculous.  This wasn’t depression-era homeless shit going on.  This wasn’t an out of work stockbroker pedaling apples to support his family due to hard times.  Being homeless to this degree in these times means that something was seriously wrong upstairs.  And a job, most likely wasn’t going to be the cure-all for that type of dysfunction.

But don’t tell the major networks who exploited…errr…loved this warm and inspiring story.  What a sham it all was as TW (sorry TW) made his frenetic rounds on The Today Show, Good Morning America, MSNBC, ABC, and the lot.  One late night I actually saw him announcing the The Jimmy Kimmel Show in embarrassing fashion, all pimped out in a suit and uncomfortable mannerisms.

And then…shocking…shit immediately started to go wrong.

Reports that he went ballistic fighting violently with his daughter as authorities were contacted.   Ooooops.

Then reports he began drinking again.  Uh-oh.

Then mention of rehab.   Ahhh…hope.

Then days later, a report he hopped the fence.   Nooooooo.

And then of course since fatty never lets us down, Ted Williams shows up in an hour long special on the Dr….Phil…. Show.  Why?  Well because Dr. Phil cares.  He does.  He said so. “Listen, I care about you.  We all care about you”.  Now of course if the unlicensed doctor truly cared then why conduct the ‘therapy’ intervention on camera?  What’s the purpose of subjecting this guy to further public humiliation?  In the best interest of opening the dialogue up to the public so other…what…homeless guys can also learn from Phil’s wisdom?  Naturally.

And ‘caring’.  What an obscenity.  I’m sure Phil would have been so interested in this guy pre-15 minutes.

And imagine what TW was thinking during all this shit.  “I was treated like human feces a month ago, and now everyone cares about my welfare?  Yep, that adds up.”  Philandering Phil, if you want to convince anyone that you actually give a shit, find an un-famous homeless person and do this stupid intervention.  Or better, do it off the fucking camera pro-bono and then your little pouty-syrupy  “listen, I care about you” words may ring a little less false.

Initial intentions with all this I’m sure came from a decent place, but once the subject ends up face to face with Phil, you have to assume that something seriously jumped the tracks.


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