Three Pleasures Experienced Within The Last 24 Hours

Nope, not booze, bitches, and linked debauchery…. Just a few simple ones during my mundane time out. Here you go…

1) Cherry Chip Milkshake from Jack in the Box. Fast food is something I no longer eat, but I ran into this milkshake on accident a few months ago and the shit is good. Tastes like Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia in shake form. $3.13 (tax included). Well worth the price, just don’t ruin it by ordering actual ‘food’ to go along with it.

2) Salmon Sashimi from Fujian Japanese Restaurant on Bonanza St. in Walnut Creek. I used to be a pure carnivore in my teens and twenties. Nothing surpassed a bloody, near raw one pound steak. But even though I am just as active as I was then, my body no longer craves Old Bessy. I read in Runner’s World that in each decade (30’s, 40’s, 50’s…) a person requires less food intake to maintain. Thus, the shift to something like raw fish might be indicative of that. Anyways, good Salmon Sashimi might be unmatched for me now. So damn tasty.

3) Finally…Bull Durham. What an all around excellent movie. Watching it as we speak.

That’s about it for today. Looking forward to the day when one of my three pleasures w/in 24 hours is comprised of at least ‘a’ ‘bitch’. Been waaaay too long.


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