Time Trial today

Today I did a time trial out in Lake Los Angeles and it was one of those days where you lear a lot about yourself.

While riding the bike I was thinking about what exactly it is that I ride and I did not have an answer.

I drove all the way out there just to get my ass handed to me. It was pretty nasty. I finish close to last. it took me 54 minutes to ride 24 miles. 2 minutes longer than last year.

I have been complaining a lot about how I have been feeling, went to the doctor, got some blood sampled, it came back with a huge error which technically put me on death watch. Went in again and everything was OK. Some numbers were low, but not like the first test. Just for reference, the first test told me that i had ether AIDS or Lekemia.

Soooooo, i rested 2 days after hearing that and did the time trial regardless. It was bad. Pretty depressed right now. I actually trained for this season, I trained for this TT and I BOMBED!

I am thinking that I need to listen to my body more carefully an take the appropriate rest. 2 weeks of easy riding and no racing. No hard workouts in rowing either. I think my body is not coping with the stress.

This is tough cause I have a sitting job, which drives me crazy if I do not get outside. I have to figure this out before the season is over. crap…


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