Vertical Frontier -Movie Recommendation

Vertical Frontier: A History of the Art, Sport, and Philosophy of Rock Climbing in Yosemite.

All right…here is a must see for you guys that you will probably not get the chance to see.  However, store this in one in your memory banks in case you happen to come across it.  It is such a moving and incredible thing to watch for so many different reasons.

In a nutshell, it is a documentary on the evolution of rock climbing in the Yosemite Valley.  The characters involved in this are amazing and the footage is incredible.  As expected TW, there is a good chunk on Yvon Chouinard, and I know that you mentioned that he may have had a reputation of being a dick or something, but what was obvious from the movie was how revered, loved, and respected he was and is.

And what actually was even more enjoyable that the movie itself, was the special features which included a 45 minute gathering of all generations of these climbers in attendance to celebrate the established protection of the, as I’ve learned, historic Campsite 4 (where all these climbers have resided and still reside before making their climbs).  Watching that segment was truly a treat, because their collective humor, passion, love (for one another, their sport, and Yosemite), was unmatched.  Well, not unmatched of course, but not to be surpassed.

And that was what was so emotional and powerful about watching this.  These generations of men and women are a perfect example of what life, good living rather, is all about.  Or can all be about:  The wild pursuit of the ‘undoable’.  The sense of family, camaraderie, and competition.  Living life to its fullest.  Loving and supporting one another and their efforts.  And a thing that tends to fall by the wayside these days in most aspects of modern American living, is the respect for not only the elements (nature, etc), but the reverence of our elders.  I don’t intend to sound cheesy about that point, but having the old guys and women being the absolute badasses at this event is exactly how it should be.  In no way were these old timers the ‘insignificant’ population.  They were the backbone and were treated as such.

Anyways it’s a real treat to watch.  I’d loan it to you, but it’s not mine to loan.   So mentally store it, just in case.


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