Veterans Day

As stated, I am not in the writing mood these days, but was just truly reminded what this day was all about, so making a brief post…

 I just got done watching an HBO documentary about families, friends, and soldiers mourning their loved ones at Arlington Cementery.  Was really a fascinating thing to watch because it was shot with very little dialogue and really almost had the feel that I was just there watching people mourn.  And really that’s all the documentary was.  It wasn’t doing all the back stories of the individual soldiers or in depth interviews with the survivors to elicit a gut wrenching twist.  The camera was simply an unobtrusive element as it sat back and just recorded the people there as opposed to being a part of the process.  It really was pretty interesting to watch because it felt like you were just respectfully people watching.  I truly appreciate the space in which it was shot.  No dramatics.  Just a quiet reverence and appreciation for the pain and loss that these people endure.  A fascinating glimpse into that painful side of life. 

And of course it led me back to our good friend Mark.  One of these days I will make it out to Arlington to pay my respects in person.  Until that day…   Love you man. 


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