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Here’s the report I read about today. I will comment following it…

State of California Investigating Dr. Phil

A complaint has been filed against Dr. Phil with the California Board of Psychology.

The complaint reportedly accuses Dr. Phil McGraw of practicing without a license when he visited Britney Spears at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after her meltdown earlier this month, according to TMZ.com.


Dr. Phil is also accused of violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The complaint alleges Dr. Phil practiced clinical psychology without a license and further violated doctor-patient privilege by discussing the pop star’s case with the media.

Dr. Phil has never been licensed to practice in California, and he is no longer licensed in his home state of Texas.

McGraw failed to complete the conditions imposed as disciplinary sanctions by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists in 1989.

At that time a former therapy client had filed a complaint against him, claiming their relationship was inappropriate.

McGraw later admitted giving her a job but denied touching her.

Soon after he was officially reprimanded, McGraw closed his private practice.


Okay. Two things I want to touch on here. First of all I found out about the touching incident not too long ago and forgot to write about it. Apparently/allegedly/whatever in 1988 he had an affair or did something inappropriate with his 19 year old client. I don’t know how legit this was or whatever, but something occurred or something was said and he did get in some heat over it back in the day. This article reminded me of it. Which brings me to my second point. He also was previously married and there is mention of an affair in his past as well that apparently he has never publicly discussed since having his own show.

I am not a Dr. Phil guy but I’ve never really been against him. It seems too easy to jump on the “the guy’s a douche” bandwagon. He almost asks for it. But, I have watched a few of his shows and at times I am really pretty impressed with how he handles some very difficult situations. Now I’m not going to break down the merits to doing a show like that. I do however think there is some good that comes out of it.

But, back to this article. His own life is his own life. But it is pretty funny that he gets so heated and berates people on T.V. for their “stupid” decisions and heartless actions. And then at the end of each episode he walks out with his wife arm in arm.

Now if this shit in the past is real, how does that work? How can he posture like this if he himself has been such a fucking idiot? Cheating on your wife with your 19 year old client. Or something inappropriate if not quite that. Something that resulted with him being in hot water. I think he may need to make a statement at some point because this shit is pretty damning. I would love to see this shit backfire one day. Have a guest be like, “Well what about you, huh”

“What about me?”

“At least I didn’t fuck my 19 year old client you hyprocritical fat-ass.”

“Um, we’re going to need to take a break.”

I’m amazed that this has not already been addressed in a day and age where no one can get away with anything?

That aside, lets take a crack at the Spears thing.

Apparently he’s getting in some trouble with that. First off it points out that he’s not licensed, which is kind of strange to hear. I thought he was a therapist who also had a show where he performed a form of therapy. I guess not.  But, come to think of it, his show isn’t really therapy since it is only for one session (plug your ears HMOs) and it isn’t confidential, etc. So basically it is more of a talk show and he’s more of a host or mediator, and not officially a therapist. Ok. So maybe he should be stripped of the “Dr.” so it’s less confusing.

Given that he’s not conducting couples or individual therapy then, he is just some guy with experience who is doing what he is doing on TV. So…

He was invited to check up on Britney by her parents. Which is brilliant by the way. Great idea, family. Let’s pick the fake Dr. on TV who isn’t licensed to perform crisis intervention on our daughter. Brilliant.

Regardless, Phil..I’m keeping it clear for me… Phil went to the hospital to chat with Britney.

How is that a violation of his role as a therapist? He’s not a therapist anymore. He’s a TV guy. Proof. He’s not licensed. He is like an Oprah or a Maury (cunt) who once was a(n) (inappropriate?) therapist. So how could he get in hot water with the California Board of Psychology? He’s not practicing.

That’s all I have to say on that.

I think Phil might be feeling the hot water soon enough. Not so much over this, but how this is bringing his past back to the forefront. It will be interesting to see what he says about it.


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