Where Men Win Glory (Follow Up)

Finished the book over the weekend.  I have it if you want it TW.  How was the 49ers game by the way.  Give me a rundown. 

Anyways, I thought the book was great.  Did you say you read it, GW?  

The one thing that was kind of rough, was that Tillman’s death was vividly explained, and had I known that I probably would have skipped those pages.  Not that I’m a super softy, but at this age, I do feel the need to turn my head at the scene of a car wreck.  The sadness outweighs the sick draw to carnage at this point.  

Actually to throw a comparison out at you, it reminded my of the movie Life Is Beautiful with Roberto Benigni.  Such a beautiful movie.  Anyways, what made the movie’s ending so powerful and harsh was that you fall in love with the storied, magical romance of him and his wife along the way, until it’s cut short by a Nazi’s bullet.  I remember seeing this with my girlfriend at the time, and she literally couldn’t leave the theatre for a handful of minutes because she was too stunned by it.   Got a love a deep lady. 

Now this book is sort of like that.  I found myself drawn to Tillman and to his relationship with his wife.  And then you get to the end (obviously I’m not giving anything away…we all know he got killed), and instead of hearing gunfire like in the movie, we are told that his head look like a deflated baloon and the ranger sitting next to him….oh fuck it.  I’ll spare you. 


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