Why In The Hell Are The Olympics Being Held In China?

I believe that all major countries should be able to participate in hosting The Games at some point in time, since the Olympics are about world competition, but shouldn’t the host country be ‘able’ to host?

Here’s the latest problem….

Nope that isn’t an unhatched Mogwais she’s throwing thank God, but a clump of thick, thick green algae. Apparently the whole bay/sea/ocean/water? is chock full of this stuff. Which, of course, is going to prove to be very difficult for the Olympic sailors to race through. So, as seen in this picture, there is a mad scramble to try and free the waters and shores from all this gunk so the Olympians can actually race.

Scientists have theorized that the rampant growth of algae is due largely to the tremendous pollution/poor air quality in industrial Northern China. Which brings me to my point. Why did the Olympic Committee decide to allow China to host the Olympic Games in Beijing?

The air quality is reportedly so unbelievably poor that, well at least several months ago, a small handful of U.S. marathoners said they weren’t even going to compete. So I’m imagining it’s not so good. I mean if its causing sea creatures to grow, it can’t be that healthy out there.

Apparently China is going to take such drastic measures as ridding all traffic in the area and even shutting down the factories next month in a last ditch effort to try and improve the air quality.

I don’t know. The Olympics are only five weeks away. I’d assume that the sea and air would be competition ready by now. It seems anything but.

But whatever. I’m pumped. I’m excited. I can’t wait for them to release the tar covered doves to get this thing rolling.

Go U.S.A!


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