Workout Tunes For The iPod

If you’re looking for some inspirational tunes to get the most out of your workouts….whether it be the extra surge needed to pump some serious iron OR picking up your running pace to set a personal best OR the extra motivation needed to kick some ass on the bike…

Look no further than the past.

Bought six or seven songs off iTunes from none other than the Rocky Soundtracks.

And holy shit, does that shit work. I lifted to it the other day and was throwing ridiculous amounts of weights all over the place, most notably to the “Training Melody” instrumental.

And today…I was hiking up by the Marin Coast. And after some more easy going music, I put on some Rocky for the hell of it as I happened upon a steep rocky and grass covered hill.

“Hearts on Fire” came on, and before I knew it, I was off the main trail and was charging up the hill with images of the oafish Russian juicing and powering up on his incline treadmill as I, in contrast, scrambled and ran my way up this mountain.

Inspirational shit. To the onlookers too, I believe, but I sensed their confusion when I reached the zenith of this mountain, threw my arms up in the air and yelled, “Draaaaagooooo……….Draaaaaaaggoooooooooooo”.


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