You Know What I Almost Resent Since I Already Shared What I Hate?

The fact that I’m 33 and have gone through far too much bullshit and injustice starting at 29 with the swallowing of a pill. Finally I am having closure with this whole ordeal, but waking back up to my life like Rumplestilksen or whatnot and being four years older.

Looking around and not having a wife. Not having my career of choice in place. Not having a home. Not having a son or daughter on the way.

I am close to resenting it. I surely am more than pissed about it.

I don’t care if life happens sometimes. That we aren’t all immune to the slings and arrows and grenades that may strike us.

But regardless, I am fucking pissed. A tremendous amount of unfair bullshit.

Robbed good years.

Can’t all be good, I guess.

I almost resent it. Even if a lot of good, needed good is coming out of it. I’m not at all happy about it at all.


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