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The holiday lag is in effect, thus no desire for awhile to write anything of questionable substance.  Anyways, to post for the sake of posting I’ve decided to recap a few movies that I’ve seen lately.

First off…

White Ugly Duckling* (2010).  (Hold to mirror to reveal title)

It was alright.  Definitely not that scary.  Definitely not that unpredictable.  Definitely not that sexy of a woman on woman scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.  Wasn’t feeling it…but alright.

Critically acclaimed, Oscar talk, a boxing movie, thus seemingly can’t lose.  Verdict: A fucking atrocious film.  I don’t care if I’m in the minority and you all think it’s awesome.  Couldn’t tolerate it, nor could my date and actually left the film 40 minutes into it.  Felt like a bad SNL skit that wouldn’t end.  Enough said.

Not too bad for a self-amputation film, but just average overall for me.  The only time during the movie where I actually found myself riled up, was when this oddball in the front section of the movie kept making small commentary or grunts and chuckles during the movie.  It’s like the dude’s filter wasn’t functioning.  (I.E. An ant would crawl by Franco’s arm and he would comment, “Oh, no” in monotone.)  Just weird.  And a stranger, more awkward I.E… There was a suggestive love scene where this buxom blonde places her hand in Franco’s shorts, and…. “Whoa!”  To paint a little picture, this guy was well dressed, 40 or so, alone, didn’t appear crazy, and wasn’t trying to be funny.  Something wasn’t adding up.  It’s like he was listening to headphones and didn’t get that we could all hear him.  I swear if  a nice looking girl were to sit down in front of him, I would bet anything he would have called out, “Man, I would fuck her.”  In which I would internally say, “I agree”, while externally saying, “Jesus, dude”, as she fled for her life.


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